Our product? Peace of mind.

We give peace of mind to caregivers, while empowering individuals to regain their independence and stay safe at all times using a stand-alone, GPS enabled smartwatch

GPS Location Tracking

Locate your loved ones in real time. Receive notifications when they have left home, arrive at work, or monitor any other locations of interest.


Reminders and Events

Customized reminders can be setup and scheduled as one-off or repeating alerts. Notifications are received by the watch at the time of the reminder. Remind the wearer to take medicine at a specific time or go to a doctor's appointment.


Online Dashboard

Access your caregiver dashboard from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Customize reminders, view real time locations on a map, and define home and work locations.



Guardian is built with the capability to work independently from a smartphone. With a cellular network built into the watch, Guardian works without the need for a paired device or WiFi connectivithy.

Even more features

From emergency calling to vital monitoring, we have health reporting covered.

Two-Way Calling

The moment Guardian is setup, all cellular functions will be available. The watch face houses a large "Phone Home" option for the wearer to be able to call their caregiver at the touch of button, in case of any emergency.



Track your loved ones heart rate and pedometer readings. Guardain also detects if they have fallen or if they have been sedentary for longer than usual and sends an alert to the caregiver.



Guardian provides directions at the touch of a button. Simply select "Route Home" to start step by step directions. Completely smartphone free.

Guardian in the News

Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health

Public Health IT Team Wins Hack Arizona

“We wanted a way to maximize his freedom without sacrificing his autonomy. I did a lot of research trying to find a product to help us. The options on the market are too costly and they don’t include all the features we would need to keep him safe,” said Teresa. Read More

Hack Arizona 2018

Guardian Wins Hack Arizona 2018

Microsoft awarded Guardian with the Best Social Impact Award, and Google awarded Guardian with the Best Use of Google Cloud Platform award. Read More


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